FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival

Mumbai : December 8 - 10, 2010 @ Alliance Francaise
New Delhi : January 20 - 22, 2011 @ Alliance Francaise

FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival brings together eight extraordinary films from around the world that deal with human rights issues at macro as well as micro level; from global concerns to indigenous issues. These films urge us to reflect, react, revolutionalize and act as a ‘flashpoint’ to usher in change. 

The four day festival to be held in Mumbai between December 8-10, 2010 and in New Delhi between January 20-22, 2011 would include special focused thematic screenings and discussions on Human Rights Day (December 10th).  

What to See
One woman who sets up a committee of mothers whose children ‘disappeared’ in a dirty war waged by a dictatorship against its own population; One man who unites with those of the same mind to combat homophobia against the combined forces of state, church and society; One child who escaped childhood marriage and mobilizes an international audience to bring about an end to sexual slavery. One woman who fights to defend women sentenced to stone killing in Iran. These are some of amazing stories of courageous human rights defenders depicted in these films.

The eight documentaries to be screened at FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival highlights the extraordinary work done by eight human rights defenders across the world, and their brave fight against injustice and oppression. These films show what great dangers and threats these activists have to face to do their work. In many of the countries freedom of speech, the right to a fair trial and the right to life are violated.  

The films shine a harsh beam on human rights issues like Human Trafficking & Child prostitution; Violation of international laws on war & peace; Atrocities under Military regime; Religious fundamentalism & Homophobia; Political annexation/occupation and oppression; Women disempowerment and honor killings; Ravages of Civil War and hostilities and War crimes and killing of innocents.
Screening of these films alongwith panel discussion and media campaigns could possibly bring about a change in perceptions and mindsets and initiate action.  FLASHPOINT – Human Rights Film Festival intends to spotlight human rights issues and make a call for the audience to act as ‘Flashpointers’.

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