2nd FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival - 2011/2012

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2nd FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival - 2011/2012 
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The second edition of FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival was held in December 8-10, 2011 in Mumbai and February 3-5, 2012 in New Delhi. It was financially supported by Movies That Matter with a grant.

Total of 409 people registered for the festival, and the total seats filled in was around 2060.

The festival conducted again a detailed audience feedback survey which revealed very interesting facts – 70% had never attended a human rights festival before while 20 % had attended the first edition of FLASHPOINT; 84% of the audience felt that the films represented a good range of human rights issue and 94% felt the Indian films screened were satisfactory; 100% felt that such a festival was relevant.

The festival received fantastic coverage with more than 25 featured write-up and numerous links.

The festival was well attended by many popular, esteemed filmmakers, actors, critics and celebrities as part of the panel discussion as well as film screenings.

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