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Friday, December 13, 2013 | 11.00am


86 min / South Africa, Israel / 2012
English, Hebrew with English subtitles

Dir: Miri Laufer and Erez Laufer

An Israeli mother's emotional search for reconciliation with the Palestinian sniper who killed her son in an ambush on Israeli police post. Can cooperation and dialogue between victims and perpetrators change both sides' approach to the past and encourage new ways of dealing with an open wound? A thought-provoking journey through South Africa, Israel and Palestine - three lands that have been scorched and burned for generations.
Festivals & Awards
World Premiere - Hotdocs Toronto, Canada, 2012
12th International Documentary Film Festival ONE WORLD, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2012
IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2012
Grand Prix Students Award - 11th Paris International Film Festival on Human Rights, 2013 instead of International Human Rights Film Festival of Paris (FIFDHI), 2013
Winner Best Documentary, Endeavors Doc Film Festival, Singapore, 2012
International Film Festival Assen | women & film, Assen, The Netherlands, 2013
Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2013
Jury Award Best Feature, Auroville Film Festival, India, 2013
The Vera Audience Award, Movies that Matter Festival, The Netherlands, 2013
Special mention Jury Award, A Matter of Act Competition, The Netherlands, 2013
Directors’ Statement
“Making this film we didn't want to reduce the question just to whether the South-African model of Truth and Reconciliation Committees (TRC) might work in context of ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? We wanted to elevate the level of discourse to the vision of the founders of the TRC, breaking the cycle of violence and revenge. During my research I was amazed by the testimonies and horrifying details that were exposed by the perpetrators. I thought to myself, what might these revelations do to both sides of the conflict? Whether taking responsibility on his actions paved the road for the perpetrator healing and the healing of his victims? Is the process that South-Africa went through can give inspiration to Palestinians and Israelis as individuals and as nations?”  - Miri Laufer

“I always supported peace and fought against injustice, still I thought that there are just causes that might justify violence resistance, as fighting the Apartheid regime and the Israeli occupation. Going through the process of making this film and understanding the philosophy of the TRC that there is no difference between just causes and wrong ones, I acknowledged that in order to get reconciliation we must put aside the concept of just cause. Because taking human lives is taking human lives and there is no difference between bereaved mothers, whether Israeli, Palestinian, black or white. So now I can say, that I support non-violence and against any sort of violence conducted by state or individual for any reason.”
- Erez Laufer

Director’s Bio
Director and Editor Miri Laufer is the editor of numerous documentary films and TV series, working together with some of the well known directors and documentary film maker in Israel as Uri Rosenwaks, Ibtisam Maraana. In the last 10 years she collaborated with her brother, Erez Laufer, as an editor. For the last 5 years she conducted a thorough research for One Day After Peace, which also marks her debut as director.

Music, Holocaust and the Jewish community are the favorite themes for documentary filmmaker Erez Laufer who started as the co-director on Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock (1993) and Woodstock Diary (1994). His film Rafting to Bombay (2009) has a moving account of him being trapped in Mumbai during Nov, 2008 the worst terror attack in the history of the city.
He is also the Editor of two Oscar nominees The War Room for Best Documentary (1993) and My Country My country (2006). His film Mike Brant, Laisse-Moi T'aimer won the 2002 Israeli Academy Award for Best Documentary 2002, international premiere at Cannes FF2003.

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